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5 Videography Tips for Budget Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones have become an integral part of life and are used for almost everything nowadays. Mobile Phones are the jacks of all trades. They have a built-in MP3 Player, an FM Radio, a Television, a Telephone, a Digital Camera, and many more.

I have heard people saying this often that I don't have a camera and will start videography only after buying a professional camera. We always neglect the power of the camera we have on our budget phones.

For a beginner, even a Budget Xiaomi Phone is more than enough to start learning about videography. Here are five tips that will help you improve your videography skills as a Mobile Videographer:-

  1. Try shooting in the sunlight:- Well sunlight is the best source of light for cameras. Inbuilt LED Flashlights are not of much use because using them often changes the colour tone and gives an artificial touch to your videos. So try utilizing the power of the ultimate source of energy to boost your quality and output.

  2. Use a gimbal or a tripod:- Stable footages from mobile phones are as good as those of a good camera. A small investment in a gimbal or tripod will take your mobile footages to the next level. If you don't want to invest in a tripod or gimbal, then you can refer to this video to create a tripod of your own. Link:-

  3. Try using Manual Mode:- If your phone supports manual mode, then you must try it. It will provide extra features such as manual exposure settings, manual focus, ISO adjustments, etc. Also, it will help you get familiar with the DSLR settings.

  4. Shoot in Landscape, not portrait:- Always shoot in the landscape mode and avoid using the portrait mode because more than 78% of the content available on the internet is in the landscape form and brands prefer landscape content because of wide usability over devices like TV, Laptop, Smartphone, etc.

  5. Try replicating sometimes:- This trick always works for me and can help you as well. When you're not getting much inspiration for your videos, ask help from Google. Enter mobile videos on google and watch tutorials of different channels and then try replicating them.

These were my top 5 videography tips for budget mobile phones. I hope this blog will help you improve your mobile videography game. If you have any such queries, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

About the Author:-

I am a second-year commerce student of Ramjas College. Alongside I am the VP of the Photography and Consulting Society of the college. I am also working on my startup named Qcademics ( having the following sub-brands DU Queries Solved and PGmatch (

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